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Happenings at Heiwa

A summer outing opportunity is here!Heiwa residents are invited to the Chicago Nikkei Picnic on Saturday, August 5 to share in a day of food, sunshine, karaoke, sports, good time and more food!Free transportation will be provided by the JASC (13 seats available).We will leave from Heiwa at 11am and come back at 3pm.If possible, please bring your favorite dish to share at the picnic, but it is not required.Please sign up early by Maiko’s office.

Town Hall meeting will be on Thursday, August 10 at 2:45 pm in the dining room. You will get up-to-date information on what’s going on at Heiwa.Additionally, this is a chance for you to freely voice your concerns or questions.We encourage you to be part of the Heiwa community by attending this important meeting.

HOME shopping bus will make a trip toJewelon Friday, August 11 at 1:30 pm.The cost for this trip is $4.00. Please sign up early by Maiko’s office.

Ikebana class will resume our class on Wednesday, August 16 at 1pm in the 12th floor party room. Please be sure to sign up for the class and pay for a fee ($15 including flower) at Maiko’s office by Monday, August 14.

Center for Disability and Elder Law will be here to provide POA and Living Will informational workshop on Tuesday, August 8 at 1pm in the activity room.We strongly encourage you to attend this important workshop. Learn why it is important to document your wishes and designate a representative.

Center for Disability and Elder Law will return following the informational workshop for the documentation workshop on Tuesday, August 29 from 1pm – 3:30pm in the dining room. During this time, volunteer attorneys will come to Heiwa to create POA and Living Will documentation for free.Please sign up by Maiko’s office by Tuesday, August 15.

Cook County States Attorney office will return to Heiwa for continuous educational workshop.We encourage all of you to come on Tuesday, August 22 at 2:30 in the activity room to hear about current fraud/scam cases and learn how to protect self.

Our good neighbor, Missio Dei Chicago Church will bring August Birthday & Bingo Bash on Saturday, August 26 at 2pm in the dining room.Everyone is invited and we especially encourage all those with August birthday to attend!!

Calling out to all artists! Get your art work ready for our 3rd Annual Heiwa Arts & Craft Show in September.We will be proud and honored to showcase your art work, craft work and/or any creative works in the dining room. Please bring your creative pieces to Maiko or Jessica by September 8.

Our special thanks to…

The generous donationsare placed in a fund that is used for programs and activitiesthat are planned for the benefit and enjoyment of all the residents at Heiwa Terrace, as well as allowing us to serve free coffee and tea in the dining room every day.

In addition, in-kind donations of your valuable time and/or supplies are used for essential maintenance of good physical, mental, and spiritual health of Heiwa Terrace residents. Following donations include monetary gift, supplies and products.

If you do not wish to have your name listed, please notify Jessica or Maiko. Names are not in any particular order.

Donations(6/24 -7/26)

Kun Ming Luo   Wen Bin Zhang   Hisako Kometani   Ok Bun Han

Kazuko Nukuto   Anonymous   Anonymous

For your information

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