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The staff, management and Board of Directors of Japanese American Service Committee Housing Corporation (JASCHC) are very grateful for generous and thoughtful donations.

Your generous donation will be placed in a fund that is used for programs and activities that are planned for the benefit and enjoyment of all the residents at Heiwa Terrace, as well as allowing us to serve free coffee and tea in the dining room every day. In addition, in-kind donations of your valuable time and/or supplies will be used for essential maintenance of good physical, mental, and spiritual health of Heiwa Terrace residents.

We would like to acknowledge the following for the generous gifts.

 The names listed here are in no particular order.

Anonymous Ms. Jung S Kim
Chicago Japanese American Historical Society Ms. Kazuko Nukuto
Mr. & Mrs. Kwang Kim Ms. Lancy Ledanbarker
Mr. Doo Pyo Bang Ms. Lillian Kimoto Family
Mr. George Neeno Ms. Ling Yu
Mr. Kanji Ichiki Ms. May Nakano
Mr. Lian Cheng Hsu Ms. Min Lo
Mr. Shenggeng Wang & Mrs. ZhaoXia Yu Ms. Ock Soon Kim
Mr. Susumu Mukushina Ms. Rose Moy
Mr. TaiChi Huynh Ms. Song Ja Kang
Mr. WenBin Zhang & Mrs. Kun Ming Luo Ms. WenZhu Lu
Mr. Yong Ho Cho Ms. Yung Ja Jin
Ms. Atsuko Tamura Ms. YuZin Chun
Ms. Hisako Kometani Ms. ZuJian Meng
Ms. Jean Mishima Ms. Joy Okayama
Ms. Jeong Ja Yoo Ms. Jindi Ma
In-Kind Donations
Anonymous Ms. Jeong Ja Yoo
Mr. Bob Ide Ms. Kazuko Nukuto
Mr. Karl Ms. Kun Min Luo & Mr. Wen Bin Zhang
Mr. Roy Yoon Ms. Mary Doi
Mr. Yong H Cho Ms. May Nakano
Ms Yu Zin Chun Ms. Myong Sun Whittle
Ms. Alice Murata Ms. Ok Bun Han
Ms. Atsuko Tamura Ms. Patricia Matsumoto
Ms. Blesida DeLa Vega Ms. Patricia Kirby
Ms. Chung Molinari Ms. Renee Murakami
Ms. Donna Ogura Ms. Rose Moy
Ms. Ellyn Iwaoka Ms. Yong Ho Cho
Ms. Emma Robins Ms. Young Ja Hong
Ms. Jean Inouye Ms. Yu Zin Chun
Anonymous Ms. Hyo C Kim
Christ Church Of Chicago Ms. Irene Liu
Mr. Doo Pyo Bang Ms. Jeong Ja Yoo
Mr. George Neeno Ms. Jindi Ma
Mr. John Suzuki Ms. Jung Ok Seol
Mr. Kanji Ichiki Ms. Jung S Kim
Mr. Lian Chen Hsu Ms. Kazuko Nukuto
Mr. Shenggeng Wang & Ms. Zhaoxia Yu Ms. JinDi Ma
Mr. Susumu Mukushina Ms. May Nakano
Mr. Tadashi & Mrs Kazuko Nukuto Ms. Min Lo
Mr. Toshio Yanagisawa Ms. Ok Soon Kim
Ms Rose Moy Ms. Rose Moy
Ms. Atsuko Tamura Ms. Ruth Ling
Ms. Boo Keum Suh Ms. Sheri Gault
Ms. Chen Hxin Min Wang Ms. Sun Yun Ku
Ms. Cheyenne Murphy Ms. Tien Hwa Pong
Ms. Gia Moon Ms. Wenzhu Lu
Ms. Grace Kim Ms. Young Ja Hong
Ms. Hisako Kometani Ms. Yu Zin Chun
Ms. Zujian Meng
In-Kind Donations
Anonymous Ms. Atsuko Tamura
Mr. Bob Ide Ms. Blessida Dela Vega
Mr. Craig Mizushima Ms. Donna Ogura
Mr. Kanji Ichiki Ms. Ellyn Iwaoka
Mr. Mas Yamaji Ms. Emma Robins
Mr. Raymond Ishino Ms. Hisako Kometani
Mr. Waldermar Szparadowski & Ms. Hanna Buchholz Ms. Irene Grenados
Ms Atsuko Tamura Ms. Iris Delgado
Ms Myong Sun Whittle Ms. Jane Hidaka
Ms Sil Dan Choi Ms. Jean Inouye
Ms. Alice Murata Ms. Jeong Ja Yoo
Ms. Angela Felipe Ms. Kazuko Nukuto
Ms. Anna Lobanova Ms. Lillian Morimoto
Ms. Wen Bin Zhang Ms. May Nakano
Ms. Nancy Kawashima Ms. Megan Nakano
Ms. Renee Murakami Ms. Min Lo
Ms. Rose Moy Ms. Myong Sun Whittle
Ms. Tomiko Ijima Ms. Yu Zin Chun
Anonymous Ms. JinDi Ma
Chicago Japanese American Historical Society Ms. Jung Ok Seol
Mr. & Mrs. Masami Takahashi Ms. Kye Soon Ryu
Mr. & Mrs. Tadashi & Kazuko Nukuto Ms. May Nakano
Mr. Chaun-Ven Fu Ms. Min Lo
Mr. George Neeno Ms. Ock Soon Kim
Mr. Hideo Sugiura Ms. Rose Moy
Mr. Kazutaka Miyajima Ms. Sadako Nakagawa
Mr. Lian Cheng Hsu Ms. Soon Hee Lee
Mr. Toshio Yanagisawa Ms. Tien Hwa Pong
Mr.Ui Chang Pyon Ms. Wenzhu Lu
Ms. Atsuko Tamura Ms. Yu Zin Chun
Ms. Chen Hxin Min Wang Ms. Yung Ja Jin
Ms. Dao Thanh Ta Ms. Zujian Meng
Ms. Donna Ogura Ms.Chen HxinMin Wang
Ms. Doris Jin Ms.Hisako Kometani
Ms. Ellyn Iwaoka Ms.WenZhu Lu
Ms. Fumiyo Uchida Ms. Jin Yung Jin
Ms. Hisako Kometani
In-Kind Donations
Anonymous Ms. Fumiyo Uchida
Mr. & Mrs. Satish & Uma Turakhia Ms. Hisako Kometani
Mr. Craig Mizushima Ms. Irene Grenados
Mr. George Neeno Ms. Iris Delgado
Mr. Ray Ishino Ms. Jane Nakaishi
Mr. Raymond Snyder Ms. Jean Inouye
Mr. Satish Turakhia Ms. Jeong Ja Chang
Mr. Tadashi & Mrs. Kazuko Nukuto Ms. Lillian Morimoto
Mr. Yong Ho Cho Ms. May Nakano
Ms. Alice Murata Ms. Michiko Nishio
Ms. Atsuko Tamura Ms. Myong S Whittle
Ms. Connie Dugan Ms. Nancy Kawashima
Ms. Donna Ogura Ms. Patricia Matsumoto
Ms. Ellyn Iwaoka Ms. Ruth Ling
Anonymous Ms. Mary Jane and Ms. Carol Yamamoto
Chicago Japanese American Historical Society Ms. May Nakano
Chuan Ven Fu Ms. Min Lo
Estate of late Yukiko Takano Ms. Ock Soon Kim
In-Kind Donations Ms. Pat Schlauder c/o Christ Church of Chicago
Mr. & Mrs. Hwa Yoon Chung Ms. Rose Moy
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Lenti & Maiko Yanai Ms. Sada Nakagawa
Mr. & Mrs. Tadashi Nukuto Ms. So Young Kum
Mr. Chuan-Ven Fu Ms. Song J Kang
Mr. Joh Kyong Yun Ms. Soo Beom Huh
Mr. John Tetsuka Ms. Tien Hwa Pong
Mr. Kap S. Lee Ms. WenZhu Lu
Mr. Toshio Yanigisawa Ms. Yu Zin Chun
Mr. William Pry Ms. Zujian Meng
Ms Yu Zin Chun Ms. Yuriko Chan
Ms. A. Kiyoko Bionosi Ms. Fumiyo Uchida
Ms. Atsuko Tamura Ms. Hisako Kometani
Ms. Barbara Ann Ellis Ms. Jean Inouye
Ms. Chen Hxin Min Wang Ms. Kong Chau (Rose) Moy
Ms. Diane Hata Ms. Ellyn Iwaoka
Ms. Donna Ogura
In-Kind Donations
Anonymous Ms. Angela Felipe
Fumiyo Uchida Ms. Bok Soon Kim
Jean Hamano Ms. Chantee Evans
Jeong Ja Yoo Ms. Donna Ogura
John Tetsuka Ms. Fumiyo Uchida
Joyce Nakaishi Ms. Glinda Swan-Robinson
JX Nippon Oil & Energy USA, Inc Ms. Hisako Kometani
Mr. & Mrs. Greg Rivera Ms. Jean Inouye
Mr. & Mrs. Nolan Ms. Jeanie Uchiyama
Mr. George Neeno Ms. Jeong Za Lee
Mr. John Tetsuka Ms. Jung Ok Seung
Mr. Karl Ms. Kazuko Nukuto
Mr. Raymond Ishino Ms. Maiko Yanai
Mr. Takeshi Chikazawa Ms. Misu Miyata
Mr. Young Tae Kim Ms. Myong Sun Whittle
Mrs. Fumiyo Uchida Ms. Patricia Matsumoto
Mrs. Jeong Ja Yoo Ms. Raymond Snyder
Ms. Alice Murata Ms. Sun Yun Ku
Ms. Young Ja Hong
Anonymous Ms. Kum Han Kim
Mr & Mrs. Kyung Soo In Ms. Ock Soon Kim
Mr. Chaun-Ven Fu Ms. Rose Moy
Mr. George Neeno Ms. Sang In Kim
Mr. Kyung Soo In Ms. Sheri Gault
Mr. Tadashi Tanaka Ms. Shizuko Akitomo
Ms. Atsuko Tamura Ms. Sun Yun Ku
Ms. Chen Hxin Min Wang Ms. Tien Hwa Pong
Ms. Diane Hata Ms. Tomi Iijima
Ms. Donna Ogura Ms. Whi Ja Rhee
Ms. Irene Grenadez Ms. Young Soon Kim
Ms. Jean Hanna, in memory of Mr. Charles Inamine Ms. Zhaozia Yu
Ms. Jindi Ma Ms. Zujian Meng
Ms. Kaye Shinozaki Ms. Kimiko Suga
In-Kind Donations
Anonymous Ms. Bok Soon Kim
Chicago Japanese American Historical Society Ms. ChenHxin Min Wang
Mr. & Mrs. Greg Rivera Ms. Dao Thanh Ta
Mr. Baoxi Jia Ms. Donna Ogura
Mr. Bob Ide Ms. Fumiyo Uchida
Mr. Ching Choo Liao Ms. Hisako Kometani
Mr. Lian Cheng Hsu Ms. HuoQing Zou
Mr. Novelle Ward Ms. Jeong Ja Yoo
Ms. Alice Murata Ms. Jindi Ma
Ms. Asako Nishimura Ms. Joyce Nakaishi
Ms. Barbara Kato Ms. Kazuko Nukuto
Ms. Shizuko Akitomo Ms. Kun Ming Luo
Ms. Sumiko Hashimoto Ms. Mary Ann Yahiro
Ms. Young Ja Hong Ms. Min Lo
Ms. Quan Liu Ms. Miye Yada
Mr. Renwei Xia Ms. Nancy Kawashima
Ms. Rose Moy Ms. Nhukai Pham
Mr. Shenggeng Wang Ms. Patricia Matsumoto
Ms. Tien Hwa Pong Ms. Zujian Meng
Ms. WenBin Zhang Mr. ZuPing Wang
Ms. Wenzhu Lu Ms. Zhaoxia Yu
Mr. & Mrs. Ray Kayano Mrs. Atsuko Tamura
Ms. Donna Ogura Mr. Ki Young Kim
Ms. Shizuko Akitomo Ms. Jean Hanna
Ms. Ok Sun Cho Ms. Charyn Sunahara
Ms. Ock Soon kim Ms. Young Ja Hong
Ms. Keeko Oishi Ms. May Tanii
Ms. Whi Ja Rhee Ms. Kum Han Kim
Ms. Miye Yada Ms. Sung Hee Kang
Mr. & Mrs. Glen Sunahara
Ms. Lois Shikami c/o Christ Church Of Chicago
Inamine Family in memory of Mr. Charles Inamine
Chicago Japanese American Historical Society, in memory of Ms. Misao Shiratsuki
Mrs. May Nakano, in memory of Ms. Frances Yuri Hashiguchi
Mrs. May Nakano, in memory of Mrs. Shigeyo Matsuda
In-Kind Donations:
Ms. Sheri Gault Ms. Hisako Kometani
Mr. Peter Serna Ms. Nancy Kawashima
Dr. Jewel Kanai Ms. Oak Rhun Yi
Ms. Joyce Nakanishi
December, 2011
Ms. Min Lo
Ms. Atsuko Tamura
Mr. & Mrs. Young Sam Kim
Mr & Mrs. Tadashi Nukuto
Ms. Chiye Tomihiro, Trustee of the Fujiye Nakamura Revocable Trust
Jean Inouye and Naito family in memory of Mr. Tony Naito
In-Kind Donations:
Ms. Ellen Landgraf
Mr. Thomas Zeller
Ms. Lillian Nishimura

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